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Tips - Varnishing

To ensure a long life for your birdhouse it is important to varnish it, especially the roof, whenever you see signs of deterioration. Before putting your new birdhouse outside we recommend giving your house an additional coat. We apply one coat here but it really takes 2-3 coats before the roof becomes impervious. If you apply one coat when you first put out your house and then a coat every spring and fall the house should last forever.

* (If you allow your birdhouse to deteriorate and are not up to fixing it yourself, don't worry -- contact us, we love to do restorations!)

Materials List

  1. 1 qt Spar Varnish -- available at most hardware stores
  2. Bristle brush
  3. News paper to catch drips
  4. Paint thinner for clean up
  5. Rag


  1. Choose a warm day and set up outside for best ventilation while varnishing and drying. Follow the directions on the can for temperature and dry times, etc.
  2. Start by applying varnish liberally on the roof. Place birdhouse on its side gently to avoid breaking shingles and drag the brush along the bottom edge of one roof side to allow varnish to flow under shingles. Turn house over and repeat process to second roof side. Then, coat the sides, back, front and bottom.
  3. Set the house on end to dry. Excess varnish will drip off onto the newspaper.

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